K-feldspar (KAlSi3O8) are commonly called orthoclase belongs to monoclinic system,specific gravity 2.56 ~ 2.59g/cm3, a theoretical composition of SiO2, Al2O3, K2O.

It has a low melting point (1150 ± 20), melting interval for a long time and high melt viscosity, is widely used in ceramic billets, ceramic glazes, glass, and porcelain, grinding materials and other industrial sectors and manufacturing potash fertilizer use.

 Feldspar in addition to being outside the glass industrial raw materials (about the total amount of 50-60%), in the ceramic industry in the use accounted for 30% of the remainder used in chemical, glass flux, ceramic green body ingredients, ceramic glaze, enamel raw materials,abrasives, glass fiber, welding and other trades.

 Mainly used in glass, ceramics, it can also be used for the system to take potash fertilizer, better quality of K-feldspar glass, etc.


Name Potassium Feldspar Lumps
Color Grey
K2O 13.69%
SiO2 60.5%+/-1.0
Al2O3 18.0%+/-1.0
TiO2 0.01%max
CaO 0.5% max
MgO 0.4% max
Na2O 2.5%+/-0.5
Fe2O3 0.08%+.-0.02
Loss on lgnltlon(LOL) 0.35%
Fired colour at 1200 ℃: Clear Melt white
Whiteness 65%min


Payment Terms:

100% LC at sight

40% advance , 60% against scan BL copy

Shipping and Packaging options:

50 kg bags loaded in container 20″ FCL (28-30mt)

Monthly Supply Ability:

1,000mt monthly. Partial shipment not allowed


Latest Shipping Time:

15 days after confirmation of L/C or advance payments.


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